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openVFR Sceneries

The project openVFR was founded in 2010 during a pilot training at Vatsim. The idea was to dramatically improove the realism of the ground scenery in Microsoft Flightsimulator X (also compatible with FSX Steam Edition & Lookhead Prepar3d) by use of data from Openstreetmap to enable VFR navigation.  

Over the years a lot of modular products were developed. The overall vision is to create a wide varity of scenery fitting together and give the user a huge choice to select the level of detail for each country according to his computer performance:
openVFR Terrain
This is our landclass scenery. Its available for Europe, North and South America and some parts of Africa and Asia. Our dream is to have it for the whole world someday. This scenery places complex topographical information like roads, railways, rivers, streams, lakes, coastlines, forest, etc. by still using the standard textures of your flightsim. Also moving traffic is added. The result is a much more detailed terrain representation based on real world data.
openVFR Objects
If you would like to place special objects like power generators, towers, stadions at their real world positions, then openVFR Objects might be interesting for you.  Pls note, that it will not place real world objects to you flightsim. Instead all objects are randomly based on a pool of several 3D objects. openVFR Objects is perfectly balanced with openVFR Terrain, but also can be used stand-alone (either with landclass or photo sceneries).
openVFR Autogen
openVFR Autogen will add thousands of generic autogen buildings and autogen vegetation (like forests or even smal copses) to your flightsim. This will improove the flight experience dramatically as all these houses and trees will be placed in 3D at their real world positions. It is perfectly balanced with openVFR Terrain, but also can be used stand-alone (f.e. in combination with the free photoscenery tileproxy).
openVFR Mesh
With openVFR Mesh the shapes of all mountains become more detailed. It represents a significant improvement from previous SRTM3 meshes, you might have used before. It allows a 75m grid resolution with a vertical error of less than 16m for Europe. Its new base data was created by use of new interpolation algorithms and better data auxiliary DEMs of CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information*. It is reprocessed from voids and spikes and optimized for FSX.
openVFR Fantasia
Developed by accident while experimenting to build a mesh. Actually it was the movie Avatar, which gave us the initial inspiration.  So openVFR Fantasia is something special for us. Consider the isle Corsica in mediterian sea - with a inverted elevation profile. So mountains will become valleys.  Overall a lot of  huge rocks are flying around - with castles placed on it.