From September 2010 the openVFR crew will start selling its VFR scenery addons for Microsoft Flightsimulator X (*) worldwide.

"We are looking forward to open our scenery products for a wider public from now on. In the last months we have got so much positive and encouraging feedback from the European community regarding openVFR, that we decided lately to develop openVFR sceneries also for countries outer Europe." Markus Freyt states without indicating yet which countries will be implemented and when. "Of course, we do have our own roadmap, but since the early beginnings of openVFR we have been community-driven. Therefore we would like to let it open to them, which countries to come first finally."

So, if your favorite country is not yet covered by openVFR or you would like to get a newer version of an existing country, you simply could suggest one for free for the next development cycle:

About openVFR:

In difference to other terrain sceneries openVFR is based on real geodata taken from Openstreetmap (**). Due to the highly realistic terrain information openVFR sets new standards for VFR flight navigation in Microsoft FSX. Furthermore the user can improve the quality of the upcoming openVFR versions by registering as a editor at Openstreetmap.

Additionally the openVFR mesh represents a significant improvement from previous SRTM3 meshes. It allows a 75m grid resolution with a vertical error of less than 16m for Europe. Its new base data was created by use of new interpolation algorithms and better data auxiliary DEMs of CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information (***). It is reprocessed from voids and spikes and optimized for FSX. We are confident that this data is one of the highest quality SRTM dataset available.

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* Microsoft Flight Simulator (sometimes abbreviated to MSFS or FS) is a flight simulator program for Microsoft Windows, marketed and often seen as a video game.

** OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. The maps are created using data from portable GPS devices, aerial photography and other free sources. Both rendered images and the vector dataset are available for download under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 licence. But OpenStreetMap is much more, than just a map to drive your car from A to B. It also contains geographical information about landuse areas, streets, railways or waterway and also the exact GPS positions of hundreds of thousands objects like churches, high tension towers, lighthouses, watertowers, wind generators and many more. Spread all over the world submitted by people like you.

***The data of CGIAR is based on SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Data for the entire world. The SRTM digital elevation data, produced by NASA originally, is a major breakthrough in digital mapping of the world, and provides a major advance in the accessibility of high quality elevation data for large portions of the tropics and other areas of the developing world. Unfortunately it doesn't cover Scandinivia. With kind permission of CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information: