We have again extended our high quality VFR scenery range for Microsoft Flightsimulator X based on  Openstreetmap. In this development cycle new sceneries covering more areas in Asia, Africa, South America and also Europe have been added.

openVFR Asia, Nepal (2011/11)

openVFR Asia, Bhutan (2011/11)

openVFR Africa, Uganda (2011/11)

openVFR Africa, Ethiopia (2011/11)

openVFR South America, Ecuador (2011/11)

openVFR South America, Uruguay (2011/11)

openVFR South America, Guyana (2011/11)

openVFR Europe, Romania (2011/11)

If you would like to see some more visual impressions of all openVFR sceneries you'll find hundreds of FSX screens at www.openvfr.de/facebook.

As usual a landclass scenery, a scenery for placing additional 3d objects and also a mesh is now available for each country. You can find several screen shots at the openVFR facebook page. Please, visit:  www.openVFR.de/facebook

We are very happy that we can add more and more countries to our openVFR project. Right now we have launched nearly 100 sceneries, some covering very unusal places for flightsimmers. We are very thankful to the flight community suggesting these interesting areas. F.e. we never thought about developing a scenery for Guyana before, but if we finally flew there, we were really suprised about its beauty. Pls, continue sending us your proposals. We love it!

For early next year we plan to launch some places in Canada, which have been requested in the past very often. We were faced with so many unsuccessful experiments in the last weeks. And so far we were not statisfied with our quality of creating inland water bodies. The water system of lakes, rivers and streams is very complex in most of the Canadian states. But we are sure, that we can show some outstanding preview screens in the very next future.


Pls, feel free to request some for free: http://openvfr.freyt.de/magento/index.php/missing_country