The openVFR team has again published a bunch of new sceneries for their worldwide Addon Series for Microsoft Flightsimulator X. The openVFR Scenery Addons are based on data from Openstreetmap. The newest releases are launched just several days ago and include the North American states Alberta, Minnesota, Vermont, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana and New Mexico.


Explore the wilderness of the Rockies in southeast of Alberta and enjoy to the beauty of the northern forests. The two largest cities, Calgary and Edmonton, have international airports where you can start your flying tours. In Minnesota, known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes", you can expect thousands of lakes, rivers and streams, fertile farmlands, scenic southern hills and rocky northland.

openVFR North America, Minnesota (2012/05)


Placed in East of the United States Vermont has a wonderful variety of landscapes, too. The central and southern Green Mountain range include the oldest rocks in this region. Lake Champlain, the major lake in Vermont, is one of the largest body of fresh water in the United States.

openVFR North America, Vermont (2012/05)


With Lake Erie to the north, the Ohio River to the south, and hundreds of beautiful lakes and rivers in between, Ohio is perfect for VFR flying. The terrain is generally flat in the northwestern parts, but when flying to east or southeast it gets hillier because of the Allegheny and Appalachian mountain ranges. Follow those green hills to Kentucky where you can overfly some of the largest lakes east of the Missisippi.

openVFR North America, Ohio (2012/05)


openVFR North America, Kentucky (2012/05)


Take a trip along the mighty Mississippi and travel through Tennessee. There are some great major airports in this state like Memphis International Airport, Nashville International Airport. From here you could also fly over the mountains and lakes of North/Central Alabama. When flying further to the south you'll finally arrive at the white sand beaches at the Gulf Coast of Alabama. A bit more to the west, in Louisiana, you'll notice again the river Mississippi. Here the river flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore the region is characterized by swampland, but in the north the region also consists of woodlands and hills.

openVFR North America, Tennessee (2012/05)


openVFR North America, Louisiana (2012/05)


In New Mexico a few hours of flying can take you from red rock desert to alpine forests, or from flat grassland to sand dunes. The elevation drops off as you move to Albuquerque, the central part of the state, where the only major airport is located.

openVFR North America, New Mexico (2012/05)


If you would like to see some visual impressions of all openVFR sceneries you can find many screens taken from Microsoft Flightsimulator X at Learn more about openVFR for Microsoft FSX at

openVFR is a VFR scenery for the Microsoft Flightsimulator X (FSX) based on data taken from OpenStreetMap (OSM).

We are very happy that we can add more and more countries to our openVFR project. Right now we have launched more than 100 sceneries, some covering very unusal places for flightsimmers. We are very thankful to the flight community suggesting these interesting areas. F.e. we never thought about developing a scenery for Guyana before, but if we finally flew there, we were really suprised about its beauty. Pls, continue sending us your proposals. We love it!

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