Tired of flying in your own hometown? Then, enjoy discovering to the wilderness. Canada is the second largest country in the world with pristine landscapes and vibrant cities. Stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and as far north as the Arctic Circle, Canada includes majestic mountain ranges, sparkling lakes and rivers. Annually, Canada's rivers discharge eight percent of the world's renewable water supply. Many of the lakes on the Canadian Shield, including those of the Great Lakes, were created by glacial erosion.

Just a few countries in the world offer as many variety to the pilot as Canada. Scenic landscapes and rolling hills are the backdrop for exploring Manitoba. Northern Ontario is a top wilderness adventure travel destination which will require your full knowledge about arctic flying and Québec is the place of unique unbelievable scenic wilderness in combination with modern cities like Montreal.

Our new sceneries for Microsoft Flightsimulator X (also ready for Prepar3d) will help you get the most out of your flying experience in Canada. Exact terrain information based on realistic data from Openstreetmap and hundreds of additional 3D objects will bring you a highly memorable flight adventure on the northern hemisphere.

Experience the beauty! Be one of the innumerous foreign pilots flying in Canada!


openVFR North America, Quebec (2011/12)


openVFR North America, Quebec (2011/12)


openVFR North America, Manitoba (2011/12)


openVFR North America, Ontario (2011/12)

If you would like to see some more visual impressions of all openVFR sceneries you'll find hundreds of FSX screens at www.openvfr.de/facebook.

We are very happy that we can add more and more countries to our openVFR project. Right now we have launched nearly 100 sceneries, some covering very unusal places for flightsimmers. We are very thankful to the flight community suggesting these interesting areas. Pls, continue sending us your proposals. We love it!

Its free: http://openvfr.freyt.de/magento/index.php/missing_country



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