We are happy to publish our  new VFR Scenery AddOns covering Japan.  As the other popular VFR scenery addons from openVFR also the new packages are compatible with Microsoft FSX and also Lookhead Prepar3D.
Japan is a land of striking scenic beauty. The total area of Japan is around 300,000 sq km. First time visitors are impressed by its greenness and its spectacular mountains. Seventy percent of Japan is mountains and hills. Most of the mountains are volcanoes.  The volcano Mount Fuji is the biggest peak (approx. 12,300 ft) in Japan.  Near to Mount Fuji you can fly to The Japanese Alps, which offers the most beautiful mountain scenery of whole Japan.  Some other regions are best for its farming areas. Japan has also many woodlands, fantatsitic lakes made by small rivers and more than 1000 islands. All in all its rocky coastline is about 29,751 km.  
Some popular destinations for VFR flying are:
  • Sightseeing tour from Tokyo to Yokohama. 
  • Round trip around Mount Fuji and the famous Five Lakes
  • Short trip to Oshima Island, off Izu Peninsular, located in The Pacific Ocean.

openVFR Autogen adds mainly autogen vegetation (like forests or even smal copses) and some autogen houses (due to missing data mainly some few big cities) at their real locations
The following Scenery Addons are available here:

openVFR Terrain which adds complex topographical information like roads, railways, rivers, streams, lakes, coastlines, forest, etc.

openVFR Objects which places special objects like power generators, towers, stadions at their real world positions

openVFR Mesh to get the shapes of all mountains become more detailed
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