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Do you need special requirements?

No, you need nothing special. openVFR is compatible with Microsoft FSX+SP2 minimum, or FSX+Acceleration Pack or Lookheed Martin Prepar3D. Windows XP (with SP3) or Windows Vista or Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit editions are supported. This product fully supports DirectX 10.0

Don't have a powerful computer. Can I still use openVFR?

  • Well, for openVFR Terrain and openVFR Mesh, we see absolutely no problems why not. You will have nearly same performance in terms of framerates as with the standard scenery of Microsoft.
  • For openVFR Objects you can use the slider to adjust the autogen settings to meet your hardware requirements.
    For very powerful computers we recommend to use maximum setting and additionally the following values in the fsx.cfg:

    default values:

    maximum values:

    If you don't know how to change these values, you could also use the great tool Flusifix (refer to Links).
  • You also could try to optimize your FSX. Here you'll find a very effective new tweak.
  • Another interesting wizard to optimize your FSX performance you'll find here: Tweaking and Tuning tool for (FSX SP2/Accel - ESP/Prepar3D)
  • If you even evaluate to buy a new computer, this article about the BP=0 conclusions will be highly interesting.


How to install?

The good news is, that this is really simple! You’ll just get a zip file. Also you can install each country indepandantly. Just unzip the folder and copy it into the flight simulators folder “Addon Scenery”.

Don’t forget to activate the scenery in the settings of the MS Flightsimulator X. Finally you'll have two scenery folders for all openVFR Terrain, one folder for all openVFR Objects, one folder for all openVFR Mesh and one folder per country for openVFR Bulidlings (refer screen below), which need to be activated. If you are running Windows 7 you should also notice this thread. It explains a bug when trying to activate a new scenery, when working with Win7. Here is the direct link to the video, which gives the solution :

When ready you should find the followng order within the scenery management screen:

FSX scenery management setting

This is what your folder structure should look like:

FSX scenery folders


Additional note for openVFR Terrain:
Also you need to replace the standard “terrain.cfg” file in your flight simulators root folder. A modified version of this file is inside of each country zip-file (Of course, it is always the same one).  Don’t worry to replace, you’ll not have any disadvantages by installing the modified one (refer also
‘Why do you need to replace the terrain.cfg?’ below). We just recommend to rename the original file before replacing. Then you still have the old one in place, when decide to unistall. Of course, you can also leave the new terrain file.

Why do you need to replace the terrain.cfg (openVFR Terrain only)?

There is a file called terrain.cfg in the standard FSX folder. This needs to be replaced. So, we always recommend to make a backup of this file.

The modified file does not remove anything from the default Flight Simulator terrain engine, but only changes the display of water and provides more possibilities for scenery design. Therefore, you have nothing to loose, and can only gain by installing it. In addition, by installing it now, you will ensure that any future scenery that makes use of the additional options will immediately display correctly as soon as you start using it.  Our sceneries are compatible with all other addons that conform to the FSX SDK and can even benefit from addons that enhance the default textures or autogen, such as Ground Environment X.

Is the Terrain.cfg FIX important ?

Caution: Several existing payware add-ons (Ultimate Terrain X, Tongass X, Vancouver+, ORBX FTX, some Aerosoft products, MegaScenery, etc.) add custom terrain.cfg entries via their auto-installers. If you are using those commercial sceneries on your flight system, you might checkout the manufactures instructions of that software in order to avoid problems.

Some information from Openstreetmap doesn’t appear. Why?

Please note, that the world is always changing. Therefore also the data in Openstreetmap is going to change every day. So, you'll get just a snapshot. We’ll take care to produce new versions of our scenery from time to time.

Issues known

For current issues known please refer to our product pages. Please also consider to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed for next upcoming releases.

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