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openVFR Objects, Asia

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Compared to openVFR Objects, Europe this addon is based on completely re-written technology. Therefore it has a much better variety of its objects at better performance. This addon will add 3D objects like castles, towers to your flightsim. It is perfectly balanced with openVFR Terrain, but also can be used stand-alone. Don't waste your time, fly!
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openVFR Objects, Asia

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Product Name Price Qty
Asia, India/SriLanka/Bangladesh (AS_IND_CL_BD) 2011/12, openVFR Objects
3D objects for India/SriLanka/Bangladesh, Asia, status 2011/12
Available Downloads: (37.93M)
Asia, Japan (AS_JP) 2013/10, openVFR Objects
3D objects for Japan, Asia, status 2013/10
Available Downloads: (38.06M)
Asia, Nepal (AS_NEP) 2011/11, openVFR Objects
3D objects for Nepal, Asia, status 2011/11
Available Downloads: (37.87M)
Asia, Philippines (AS_RP) 2011/08, openVFR Objects
3D objects for Philippines, Asia, status 2011/08
Available Downloads: (37.88M)
Asia, Taiwan (AS_RC) 2011/10, openVFR Objects
3D objects for Taiwan, Asia, status 2011/10
Available Downloads: (37.87M)
Asia, Vietnam (AS_VN) 2011/10, openVFR Objects
3D objects for Vietnam, Asia, status 2011/10
Available Downloads: (37.87M)

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This scenery will enhance your scenery with 3D objects:

  • power nodes: power generators, power stations, powerplants,...
  • manmade nodes: water towers, gsometers, cranes, factories, lighthouses, towers, living houses, windmills,...
  • leisure nodes: stadions,....
  • historic nodes: castles, ruins,....


This new version of openVFR Objects is based on a snapshot of Openstreetmap data from 2011. It's optimized in frame performance, but you'll still need a modern CPU and a powerful video card. Anyway, if you find out that your system isn't powerful enough, you might follow some suggestions in our FAQ section.

  • All objects are randomly based on a pool of several 3D objects.

Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA


ISSUES KNOWN (version: 2011/08):

  • --


Most data that was derived from OpenStreetMap is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 License.


Even, if we think, that there is absolutely no technical risk by installing our scenery: The openVFR scenery is furnished "AS IS" and does not come with any implicit or explicit guarantee. The author declines any responsibility for contingent malfunctions, deceleration and any drawback that should arise using this software.

TRADEMARKS:  * Microsoft Flight Simulator (sometimes abbreviated to MSFS or FS) is a flight simulator program for Microsoft Windows, marketed and often seen as a video game. ** OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. The maps are created using data from portable GPS devices, aerial photography and other free sources. Both rendered images and the vector dataset are available for download under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 licence. But OpenStreetMap is much more, than just a map to drive your car from A to B. It also contains geographical information about landuse areas, streets, railways or waterway and also the exact GPS positions of hundreds of thousands objects like churches, high tension towers, lighthouses, watertowers, wind generators and many more. Spread all over the world submitted by people like you.

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