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openVFR Fantasia

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Tired of flying the same old VFR routes all night long? Well - then we have something really amazing for you! Come and explore two new islands we found in Mediterranean Sea. During development we internally simply called them "Corse Invers" and "Sardina Inverse", because some strange intergalactic pressure seemed to turn them upside down. So gain your flying experience and step into a really unknown world.
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openVFR Fantasia

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Expect the unexpected, 2010/10, openVFR Fantasia
terrain for corsica & sardina, status 2010/10
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Expect the unexpected. A world completely different. So, don't be surprised, if your altimeter seems to be crazy - it simply can't indicate the negative altitudes you are faced with in a world where the Mediterain Sea is the highest level of the terrain. Of course, you can expect great terrain quality as you might already know from other openVFR products. This is because also for this scenery we have taken exact geo data from Openstreetmap. So, still following the standard VFR charts you could start from the airport Corte - which is now located on a huge rock - to a world with castles placed on flying islands and lakes and villages lovely settled on top of the mountains instead of their real location somewhere in the valleys. Start up your engine now, but be careful - keep your eyes open and don't fly against those clouds made of stone up in your airspace in front of you.

This scenery will restructure all landclasses by still using the FSX default textures. Additional vector data for roads, rivers, streams, shorelines etc. are added. The result is a much more detailed terrain representation. Furthermore openVFR Fantasia is based upon its own (un-realistic) digital elevation data (mesh) in order to massively change the heights of the terrain in corsica and sardina.

In more detail openVFR Fantasia will update the following terrain data:

  • landuse information (like forests, vineyard, industrial use, military,...)
  • leisure information (like park, golf courses, stadium,...)
  • natural information (like wood, marsh, wetland, woods,...)
  • railways (different types) - roads (like highways/motorways, living streets, service, tracks, places,...)
  • waterways (river, river banks, stream, drain, canal, basin, lakes,...)
  • coastlines
  • restructured digital elevation data
  • different 3D castles on flying rocks
  • Stone clouds
  • Forest fires

Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA


ISSUES KNOWN (version: 2010/10):

  • none


Most data that was derived from OpenStreetMap is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 License. openVFR Mesh is based on reworked SRTM height data provided by CGIAR.


Even, if we think, that there is absolutely no technical risk by installing our scenery: The openVFR scenery is furnished "AS IS" and does not come with any implicit or explicit guarantee. The author declines any responsibility for contingent malfunctions, deceleration and any drawback that should arise using this software.

TRADEMARKS:  * Microsoft Flight Simulator (sometimes abbreviated to MSFS or FS) is a flight simulator program for Microsoft Windows, marketed and often seen as a video game. ** OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. The maps are created using data from portable GPS devices, aerial photography and other free sources. Both rendered images and the vector dataset are available for download under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 licence. But OpenStreetMap is much more, than just a map to drive your car from A to B. It also contains geographical information about landuse areas, streets, railways or waterway and also the exact GPS positions of hundreds of thousands objects like churches, high tension towers, lighthouses, watertowers, wind generators and many more. Spread all over the world submitted by people like you.

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