openVFR IcebergsXP V1.1

14,95 inkl. VAT

IcebergsXP adds icebergs to the default X-Plane environment – making it more realistic. It will enhance your flight experience when flying above arctic (arctic and antarctic included) seas. You get a whole new experience of the  way you see water in X-Plane. It brings the entire simulator to a whole new level of realism.

The iceberg information is taken from official satellite data used for real marine research and training. Alternatively you can simulate creating icebergs in areas where they hopefully never appear.

Furthermore IcebergsXP makes the water more realistic by adding a general water fix, which will remove jagged lines from water.






Digital Download

This product is available as digital download, only. You’ ll get a zipped file. You just need to copy its content into the plugin folder of X-plane. This plugin requires no installation.

Requirements (recommended):

  • [X-Plane 11  +
  • Stable Internet Connection (at startup of X-Plane only)
  • Windows 7 + only , No linux Support,  Mac also not compatible at this time
  • 2Gb+ VRAM

IcebergsXP does NOT require any installations of 3rd party products or libraries and is fully ready to use after installation.  Regarding software compatibility with other plugins there are currently no issues known.

Please note that the package does not contain any scenarios. In the actual version Icebergs are not landable and not not “collidable”.

Do you need more information? Just have a look at the manual:
Icebergs XP manual (PDF)